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Well, what do you think the answer is? Before we actually conclude on this do we really understand our hair like any other organ of our body? Or do we even consider it as an organ? The answer is no. Its only when we start noticing hair thinning or excessive hair fall, we get panicked and start searching desperately for immediate solutions.

We fail to understand that our hair takes a long time to grow. It not that new hair just simply starts growing or stop falling suddenly just because some products do claim the same. So the point here is hair is a very complex mini-organ which like any other organ in our body is made up of various elements and definitely requires proper nutrition and care. Hair growth and the texture, colour, thickness etc is genetically determined in both the genders.

Coming to why we lose hair, the answer is very simple. Losing hair is very much a natural part of the hair’ s own self-programmed growth cycle. Every person has a tendency to lose hair, whatever the age or gender. As per science, we lose hair so that new hair can replace it. But concern arises when we start noticing hair thinning or excessive hair loss. This means the hair is not growing back and leads to a lot of mental trauma making us fall prey to false claiming products, resulting in further damage of the entire condition.

So, in order to understand whether hair grows in a day or a week we need to brush up with little of hair science. Hair growth is an ongoing process wherein if we have to split our hair into two parts; 90 percent of our hair is in resting phase whereas 10 % is either growing or going to fall off.

The hair cycle in simplified way is as follows. Anagen–the growing stage of hair lasts from 2-6 years. It determines the hair texture and thickness depending on the genetics and the nutrition. Hair grows to almost about one fourth of an inch every month. Although it is technically dead, a healthy, nutritious hair care routine makes our hair look beautiful and strong.


Following anagen, the hair enters the catagen stage wherein no further growth occurs and the hair roots start degenerating. This stage lasts for 2-3 weeks. Later in the final ie; the telogen stage, hair growth stops completely. It is due to the telogen stage that the hair starts shedding for almost 2-4 months. Again after telogen hair enters the anagen phase to again generate new hair.

On an average around 100 hair strands are lost in the telogen stage due to daily combing, washing or other activities. Other crucial influencing factors include stress, some skin diseases, genetic make-up, nutritional deficiencies which require timely correction.

So it is very important to use proper shampooing and conditioning techniques, alongwith proper nutrition to maintain good hair health. Apart from this, the styling tools usage should be kept to minimum to prevent hair roots damage. Last, but not the least now we all are hopefully aware that hair doesn’t pop up on the scalp suddenly in a day, a week or a month. It is a biological organ and has to follow the set pattern of growth to show results. Isn’t it a must to think twice before using hair growth related products that give false claims?